Professional Services

The Professional Services department of Data-Tech Ltd. has been designed to take care of all aspects of our clients’ requirements.

Our clients understand the importance of having a quality solution that is individualized to meet specific retail operational demands. They also know that with Data-Tech Ltd, they are not just receiving advanced software, but are also getting continuous, exceptional support that is beyond comparison.

Data-Tech Ltd provides our customers with the maintenance services to keep them up and running smoothly, minimizing downtime in even the most complex environments. Our experienced Technical Support department is always available to provide our customers with immediate service whenever necessary. Our technicians are customer focused and expertly trained to assist you in the day-to-day operations of your Point of Sale and Back Office systems.

We represent Bermuda’s largest independent POS service organization, providing expertise in POS technologies that is unsurpassed. Data-Tech Ltd provides manufacturer-certified technicians to maintain all major brands, offering expert support for all POS and barcode scanning technologies.

Whatever level of expertise you may require, Data-Tech Ltd.’s retail software technical support department has the resources to deliver both remote and onsite prompt resolution.

I - Site Audit

  1. Document inventory of all networked computer systems
  2. Document operating systems and service pack levels
  3. Document applications on all network computers
  4. List of the functions of work stations and servers

II - Backups

  1. What-Where-When Backup Maintenance
  2. E-mail’s are backed up
  3. Application/system backups
  4. Backup and file restoration testing
  5. UPS Power backups and testing

III - Network

  1. Provide network layout drawings
  2. Firewall security maintenance
  3. Installed anti-virus/spam software and version
  4. Router settings and backup file
  5. PCI Compliancy tests

IV - Reports & Recommended Solutions

  1. Offsite back ups
  2. Disaster recovery plan
  3. Up to date system and data logging
  4. Review and test site audits 2-3 times annually
  5. Network and system improvement with recommendations

V – Professional Services

  1. Consultation, site development and management
  2. POS Back Office reporting
  3. Back Office Best Practices
  4. Promotion Implementation and management
  5. Scanning implementation, procedures and management

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