With our full range of design, implementation, and support services, we enable clients to successfully deploy our technology and capture the benefits. We have a demonstrated track record of helping retailers increase order throughput, implement suggestive selling, enhance customer loyalty, manage prices and merchandise mix across sites, control inventory, streamline training, reduce labor costs, and much more

Samsung POS (Tabby)

Tabby provides a contemporary platform that is easy to use and maintain, but without the budget strains and complexity of a full-scale POS system.

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Grow your business today with the safest mobile  point-of-sale solution ever. QwickPAY gives you the freedom to choose from Apple, Android, or desktop. Pick a card reader, and sign up for QwickPAY. It’s easy and fast.

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Pricer ECL

Pricer is the global leader in providing in-store shelf-edge digital solutions that enhance both store performance and the shopping experience.

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Maitre’D POS

Posera’s Maitre’D POS is a full service, feature-rich solution that works in all environments such as fine and casual dining, table service, hotels, family restaurants and quick service.

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The ISS45 system’s powerful transaction-processing architecture is not only optimized for the extreme performance needs of the supermarket business, it’s also economically scaled for stores of widely different sizes and types.

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BRdata Retail BOSS Enterprise Suite offers a complete back-office solution for wholesalers, retailers and grocery store chains. Manage all store chains from your centralized headquarters using BRdata Host.

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Acclaim POS

From small cafes to fine dining restaurants, nightclubs to sports bars, AcclaimPOS offers a variety of POS options – from register software to complete, robust, hand-held turnkey solutions including wireless hardware and software.

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